I must admit that I don’t know much about how a wooden leg is attached to one’s body, but the concept of Demon staring confusedly at what he thinks should be a regular, everyday, bloody, torn-off leg, but is in actuality a non-regular, non-everyday, non-bloody, torn-off leg with lots of non-tendony straps and velcro amuses me to no end (see above, lovingly downloaded from here). But then again, I do consider Breaking Bad a comedy. Maybe not a romantic comedy, but the bathtub sequence still kills me every time. So there’s that.

Page Three Notes

  • “It’s a wooden leg, you idiot.” Might be my favorite line of dialogue to date.
  • “Oh crap…” used to be Calgary’s catchphrase, but it later evolved to “Not good.” So think of it as his backup catchphrase. An understudy catchphrase, if you will. The Maxx uttered it a time or two during his animated adventures on MTV’s Oddities back in the day, but unfortunately I’m unable to find that particular soundbite. Crap!