I’ve always liked the concept of a final cigarette before dying. Of course in Constantine (the film, not the series), Keanu had slit his own wrists (and tendons) so Lucifer Stormare had to light the cigarette for him in the way only Lucifer could…

Well, they don’t call him the Dark Lord for nothing, you know.

Page Six Notes:

  • I must confess I am concerned that the cigarette in Calgary’s mouth in the final panel will seem to appear out of nowhere. But the concept of devoting several panels to Calgary painfully pulling out a pack of cigarette, slowly extracting a blood-stained cigarette and then lighting it felt as if it was ruining the tempo. Guess we’ll find out once someone arts this puppy up.
  • Oh, and the first two images above were lovingly emancipated from a Russian website filled with lovely popups for auto-downloading anti-virus software. The last one, however was lovingly freed from a non-auto-downloading, non-Russian web forum found here.