Perhaps not the exact arc I was envisioning, but Mike Tyson certainly provides the intended result (above, and lovingly plundered from here).

As I said in the last commentary, I am STOKED to finally get to these pages.

Speaking of which, can you believe we’ve been at this for nearly six months?!?

More about that — and a surprise — next time. As in… same dpk-time, same dpk-channel!!!

Page Six Notes:

  • “Gah!” is one of my favorite exclamations, one that apparently originated only last century. Felt more appropriate than “Ack!” in my humble opinion.
  • “Careers could be made from this page.” Seriously, they could. Much like the “Draw me!’ ads of yore. Of course, I was always partial to Tippy and the pirate. Bob Hope? Not so much. Just sayin’