A little surprise for our SIX-MONTH anniversary (yeah, I can’t believe it either)!

Back when I was hoping to partner with an artist on dpk431, I received this amazing rendition of Dark Punishing Knight by Gio Leboffe who worked at my local comic book store.

Alas, life took him in a different direction and we’ve subsequently lost touch.

But for those dpk431 historians out there, this is, in fact, the very first rendering of Dark Punishing Knight.


Page Seven Notes:

  • “Ye Olde Blunderbuss Ammo.” Apologies, but I am endlessly amused by the anachronistic, pseudo early modern English prefix. My favorite versions? Here and here. Yea, verily!
  • “No one screws with Calgary Smith.” Great line, right? That is until I realized it was from Police Academy.
  • “Entire panel is the sound effect, splattered with blood.” Uncanny X-Men #207 was famous for ending the issue with a full-panel, savagely rendered sound effect… SNIKT! For the record, Mark Millar one-upped that in “Old Man Logan,” using a two-page SNIKT spread on the penultimate pages of Wolverine #72. Speaking of snikt, there is really no need to mention the infamous “Route Snikty-Snikt,” nor “th’ whole snikt-pack,” both courtesy of Garth Ennis. Seriously. These are not the droids you’re looking for.