I can’t tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to this page.

I mean, I can try, but words genuinely cannot express the joy I have in finally sharing this page.

I wrote this sequence some time ago and…


Give me a second…

Let me amend my earlier statement.

I CAN put it into words.



And you know what?

The next page is even better.

<sheepishly returns for page five notes, and to add that the above image was lovingly pirated from here…>

Page Five Notes:

  • All mic dropping aside, this page reminds me a little of Bugs Bunny (or it might be a Sylvester cartoon). I can’t seem to find the exact one that’s lodged in my brain, but it involves a first-person shot from a drowsy character’s perspective as he tries to keep his eyes open…  and another character with a wooden mallet keeps coming closer after every blink (Don’t blink!) I can almost hear the Warner Bros. orchestra on the last panel.
  • A little foreshadowing along the way. Sandman’s pouch (#000, page 3). Hammer of Thor (ditto). Trench coat (#000, page 2).
  • “Swing in Demon’s general direction.” Another tip of the hat to Monty Python (and the Holy Grail).