Four panels. Crazy, right?

I’ll be honest. This was the plan all along.

Launch with a series of full-page panels to lull the unsuspecting audience into a false sense of security, then BAM! Panel City (not dissimilar to Spatula City). Panels. Tons of glorious panels.

I love it when a plan comes together.

Oh, and “panels three” be a tip of the hat to Warriors Three (left, and lovingly pilfered from here) and, of course, Monty Python’s classic questions three.

Page Six Notes:

                • Vertical vs. Horizontal. It took me a dog’s age to intuitively remember the difference. Then it occurred to me. Horizon. Horizontal. Duh.
                • Excitement abounds. Indeed.
                • “LCD CLOCK displaying the time as 4:31 A.M.” A not so subtle homage to Chris Carter and The X-Files.
                • “A single BEAD OF SWEAT.” Not a torrent of sweat. Not anime sweat. More like nervous sweat.
                • “Not good.” As far as I can tell, this line of dialogue is all mine. As in, never uttered before in the history of narrative structure. Oh, wait