This is one of the first images I had in my head when I started writing dpk431. A half-crazed superhero punching himself in the face. And, no, I haven’t done that many drugs in my life. Adult beverages are more my speed these days…

  • Examples of punching one’s self in the head? Wolverine way back in X-Men #112. Ed Norton in Fight Club (left, and lovingly “acquired” from here).
  • Oh, and Tyson Fury.

Page Six Notes:

                  • “DIRTY BRICK TENEMENT BUILDING” is pretty ubiquitous in lower Manhattan or in what I affectionately like to call SoPo. For a beautiful example of the building I have stuck in my head, check out the Beaux Arts 1905 Flats on Bedford Street. Can you image Gerhard sketching that out as a background?
  • As for the dialogue? “SHUT UP!” Come to think of it, that might be the face I’m looking for, too.
  • So how does one depict repeated punches in a single panel, you ask? Spider-Man pounding Wolverine in East Berlin comes to mind. How about Flash wap, wap, wapping Gorilla Grodd? Or perhaps Dave Sim’s single background route from Cerebus #78. I think there’s a lot of creative ways to pull this off, so if you are favorably disposed, go bananas. Get it? Gorilla Grodd? Bananas? <sigh>