The unspoken homoeroticism of superhero comics amuses me to no end (left, and lovingly looted from here).

I mean, how did we not notice?

Many others have plumbed the depths of superheroes who are definitely not gay before me.

Wolverine’s superdickery

Wonder Woman’s binding games

And Nick Fury

Well… let’s just note, without comment, that Nick’s back is turned to the bikini-clad ladies as he checks out the Speedo-clad Tony Stark whilst fingering his cigar.

Nope. Not gay at all.

Page Seven Notes:

                • Spanx and a thong? There’s got to be a cover band name in there somewhere.
                • Speaking of Spanx and a thong, exactly how do so many superheroes avoid those unsightly lines under their circulation-defying tights? Could they be wearing thongs? Boy shorts? Please tell me they’re not going commando.