The silhouette of the “RIDICULOUSLY HULKING COSTUMED FIGURE” is a tip of the hat to the noirish comic book poses in the ’80s.

The best examples? Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns covers, especially #1 and #4 (left, and lovingly appropriated from here).

Page One Notes:

                • Sorry, Garamond. Our time together was wonderful, but it’s time I moved on. And, yes, there is another font. One who better understands the feel of my scripts. Who is it? Courier. But don’t feel bad. We’ll always have the Author’s Note.
                • Apologies in advance for being a such dick about the “series of single panel, full-sized 16:9 pages,” but there will be payoff. At least I hope there will be a payoff.
                • The black frame around the script is, in fact, a 16:9 aspect ratio. While I don’t have the patience or talent to draw, I do have the patience and talent to create page panels in Photoshop. In this case, a 978×550 page with a 964×536 frame therein.
                • Early Punisher appearances were frequently punctuated with honest-to-god War Journal Entries. Gotta love the ’70s, right?
                • Quite some time after writing this script, I checked into a hotel in New York City’s Chinatown. Dropped my bag on the bed, opened up the curtains and came face-to-face with the exact roof layout I described in this issue. Cue apropos music.