Welcome to the commentary track of dpk431. Or in this instance, the prologue, The Dark Punishing Knight Begins, and the cover herein.

Commentary may seem a little premature, but I am rather chatty and feel the need to explain how a website boasting “webcomics without art” in its freakin’ logo can have, well, art.

Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away, I tried recruiting artists to work on dpk431, and whilst I was never quite able to find anyone to work on it on a regular basis, I did get a few terrific character pieces that I’ll be meting out over time.

The image on the cover is one of my favorites, courtesy of one Jesse Henderson.

That said, anyone interested in rendering this cover (or any page for that matter) in their own style is more than welcome to do so. But if you do so, please send me over a copy or a link.

Cover Notes:

                • The cover design is based on the original trade paperback cover for The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller (left, and lovingly stolen from here).
                • The font, Gotham Nights (whilst under the influence of Photoshop), is not exactly the same as the one used for the classic trade paperback cover, but it is close enough for my purposes.