The first paragraph of the author’s note is a riff on the classic opening from The Outer Limits (above, and lovingly “borrowed” from here).

You know, the show Harlan Ellison wrote for, without which there’d be no Terminator (scroll down for #2).

And what a sad world that would be.

On the bright side, rabbits!

Author’s Note Notes (that doesn’t really sound right, does it?):

  • Please forgive the labored explanation of publishing a webcomic sans art, but I thought it appropriate to provide a caveat emptor for the uninitiatedOf course, in this case, the emptor is getting his caveat for free. And for those of you so inclined, you can send your damn art to me at Excelsior!
  • I originally envisioned the Author’s Note in Comic Sans, but that font has become even more universally reviled than Emmy-nominated celery. Don’t believe me? Check out There’s even a pledge at the end. Seriously. A pledge.
  • Thus began my quest to find a more readable and slightly less controversial font. Oddly my Google search for “most readable font” authoritatively offered up Garamond. And while it won’t save the government $436 million, it does look pretty good for my purposes. I mean, it is the world’s most readable font. Stay thirsty, my friends.