So how can a “webcomic without art” have art?

Good question.

I actually did approach several artists about dpk431 over the years, back when I had hopes of partnering with someone on this project. While nothing substantial ever came from these conversations, I did receive a few wonderful character pieces that I’ve featured across the website (like the one below from Jesse Henderson).


So it’s not that I don’t want artwork for this webcomic, it’s more that I lost patience at finding that perfect collaborator and decided to finally publish my story on the web in whatever format I could manage.

Hence a webcomic without art.

But that gave me an idea. What if I published my scripts such that artists, any artist, could contribute artwork as they saw fit? A page here, a pinup there?

Ergo, Artwork Goes Here.

My hope is that my scripts will serve as a platform for artists and their artwork. Ideally, every page will have have multiple artistic renderings, all with their own unique styles.

Otty Justason, the tremendously talented artist from the webcomic Zukahnaut, recently surprised me with the following Dark Punishing Knight pinup.




He also shared some kind words about and dpk431

I stumbled upon your webcomic-without-art yesterday and was very impressed by both the motivations behind it and by the precedent that it’s set for every writer who can’t find an artist and fears that they’ll never get to start a comic of their own. I applaud your idea and your efforts… Artwork Goes Here really is an inspiring example of perseverance and it’s sure to be my future go-to example for any writer who’s convinced themselves they can’t get their idea out there without an artist.

So please check out Zukahnaut (the first page is here). It’s a terrific webcomic and definitely worth your time. Also, check out Otty’s deviantArt page. I think it’s safe to say that he is an artist to keep an eye on!

And if dpk431 spurs your imagination, like it did for Otty Justason, I encourage you to take a crack at your favorite page or character. But if you do, please send whatever you’ve created to me at or reach out to me at dpk431 on deviantART.

Because maybe, just maybe, this doesn’t have to be an artless webcomic after all.