I don’t like to draw.

There, I said it.

I am wildly impressed by people who do like to draw. I tend to bring more of a writer’s perspective like those voiced by Vince Gilligan and Bryan Fuller – I like to have written.

Unfortunately, I bring the same ethos to my drawings. I like to have drawn.

And I have a hunch that artists, true artists, like to draw. Strike that. I have a hunch that true artists love to draw.

So in true collaborative fashion, I attempted to lure several artists to the original incarnation of this project. Suffice it to say that the end result was that my scripts continued to be, well, artless.

But instead of despairing, I decided to embrace my weakness and all that goes with that.

You know, embrace the state of artlessness.

Hence, a webcomic without the art.

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against art. Some of my favorite webcomics have art.

To that point, I encourage those of you who like to draw — strike that —  love to draw, to take a crack at any page or character I’ve described.

And if you do, please consider sending me whatever you’ve created at jen@typingmonkeys.com.

Who knows, maybe this doesn’t have to be an artless webcomic after all.


P.S. The above image was lovingly snaffled from here.